Our Approach
Consulting Portfolio

  • Anamnesis

    Analyze the existing SAP APO implementations
    perform a detailed Solution Scan
    define the appropriate roadmap for migration and trans4mation to new supply chain planning solutions
  • Operate-To-Repair

    Get stuck SAP APO implementations up running
    Optimize and streamline implemented SAP APO solutions
    Consult on cost / benefit ratio for implementing further SAP APO enhancements
  • Operate-To-Replace

    Supports the customer in selecting the Integrated Planning scenario most suitable to his business processes
    Executes the implementation with our experienced implementation team
  • Rehab

    Assessment of existing planning process
    Advise on chances and potentials for improving the planning process

Why take the journey to IBP?


Looking back

  • Significant investments in planning solutions did in a lot of cases notgenerate the desired outcomes and the expected benefits
  • Planning and Reporting/Analytics are not really combined.
  • Supply chain monitoring events are not automatically starting responsive re-planning activities
  • Supply chain execution and planning have remained separated, locally optimized processes

Looking forward

  • New challenges for planning solutions by leveraging the impacts of cloud, HANA, and mobile computing
  • Planning and execution need to interact seamlessly considering demand driven, responsive, and agile planning operations

Challenges for our Customers

“We made huge investments in SAP developments to match our business needs. How do we get them to IBP?”

“We are running APO more than 10 years now. Are all our supply chain processes covered by the new IBP solution?”

“I have 10 guys in my team planning with APO. How much people do I need when we run IBP on HANA?”

“Do we need to adapt our corporate supply chain processes”

“How long does it take to migrate from APO to IBP”

Assessment Workshop Structure

  1. Workshop Setup
  2. Assessment: Anamnesis
  3. Assessment: SAP IBP Tour
  4. Business Requirements
  5. Roadmap and Next Steps

IBP Demo Showcase

  • SAP IBP Live-Showcase with customer* data
  • Workshop duration: 2 days
  • Deliverable: Standard Demo Documentation (pdf)

* Data from our customer uploaded in advance of the workshop

SAP IBP Assessment

  • SAP IBP Live-Showcase with customer* data
  • Fitgapanalysis, assessment of implementation scenarios
  • Workshop Duration: 4-5 days
  • Deliverables: Standard Demo Documentation (pdf), IBP Implementation Concept (pdf)

* Data from our customer uploaded in advance of the workshop

Supply Chain Planning Assessment

  • Detailed assessment on planning process and technical implementation of SAP APO
  • SAP IBP Live-Showcase with customer* data
  • Fitgapanalysis on process improvements and business requirements
  • Feasibility assessment and implementation roadmap
  • Workshop duration: 2 weeks
  • Deliverables:
    • Standard Demo Documentation (pdf)
    • SAP APO and IBP Implementation Concept / Roadmap (pdf)
    • SAP Integration Concept (pdf)

* Data from our customer uploaded in advance of the workshop